Protecting artisans 

Connecting Clients

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We talk with the people who know the science, manufacturing, and markets. No hype only authenticity. Learn from the sources with the knowledge. 



We are here for one thing: The advancement of the artisan community in knowledge, skill, and well being. While connecting qualified clients to the artisan. Caveat Emptor.



Artisan Direct

The artists manage their contributions to the community. All with socially verified profiles and great reputations. We know the people who know the craft. We help them reach discerning clientele.

Service Life=Sustainable

How many times can a skilled worker renew the floors in your home without a complete removal of that entire flooring surface? 

Single Use = Poor Value

The value of any flooring project is derived from:

  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Product Integrity over time
  • long term maintenance habits

The manufacturing and composition of flooring products should be a multi-part evaluation process. Purchasing using only direct cost, color, and warranty terms without factoring service life is a primary consumer mistake. The issue has proliferated products such as luxury vinyl plank flooring (petroleum and phthalates included).

These single use products and well as thin veneered composite products are a product of supply chain control and marketing tactics. The shortened service life of these products and their energy intensive construction means a quicker return to the landfill. 

The inherent value of a product is derived from its ability to be serviced for decades. The product should be capable of changing in both color and sheen at the discretion of the client and artisan interface. 


Sandhaus Syndicate

Personal Connection 

We vet all of our global members with a qualification process. These are the guys who believe in legacy workmanship using sustainable wood products. Based in a region with dramatic weather and arid seasonal conditions. Denver, Colorado is an excellent place to monitor and engage directly with the wood floor artisan community. We witness the products in action through the years. We see what products work and which ones succumb to the demands of airborne moisture change, direct sunlight, and varied interior environments. Artisan direct real time data and feedback on products and process. 


The Mission

Protecting Artisans, 

Connecting Clients

SEAL’s, Goats, and Floors?

Scott Avery was inspired to create Sandhaus Syndicate while listening to Sean Haggerty of Protector Brewery.

“Imagine a world where nobody cares who gets the credit.”

The current balance of representation for artisans in traditional wood flooring is minimal and often in-cohesive. The solution lies within the time efficient connection of wood floor artisans across the globe. Winning as a team and sharing the glory. The goats, well that’s a whole other story…

Trend monitoring, product feedback, technical advice, and personal stories. This is the syndicate. With a direct link to local artisans using our directory. Including all social connectivity and workmanship galleries.